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C&J Migrant Solutions Foundation Inc. was founded in 2023 as an outgrowth of C&J Migrant Solutions, LLC, a successful, black woman-owned business helping migrants with the immigration form process. Both the Foundation and C&J Migrant Solutions, LLC are the passion of Candace Boykins a migrant from Jamaica and, a certified immigration form specialist, with the sole purpose of helping those who wish to become legal citizens of the United States of America.

Social services

Empowering Communities

Nurturing Lives, Building Futures: Empowering Communities Through Compassionate and Comprehensive Social Services at C&J Migrant Solutions Foundation Inc.

The U.S. is a nation of immigrants yet immigrating to the U.S. is a complex process rife with challenges. Many immigrants, including children and families, need safety, shelter, transportation, and legal counsel as they resettle and build their new lives.

An immigration social worker assists immigrants in accessing the resources they need to thrive and helps them navigate the immigration process. Immigration social workers also advocate for the well-being and safety of immigrants in transition so they can establish a stable, flourishing life in the U.S.

Social workers can further support immigrants by understanding the challenges they face in coming to the U.S., particularly in navigating the school, health, and legal systems. This type of support is a cornerstone of the social work profession, and social workers should strive to learn more about how they can assist clients who have immigrated to the U.S.

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Our Social Services Offer

Experience a comprehensive approach to well-being with C&J Migrant Solutions Foundation Inc. Our social services encompass family wellness, counseling, healthcare navigation, vibrant community events, and language access programs, fostering a holistic support system for immigrant families.

Family Wellness Programs

Tailored initiatives to ensure the health and harmony of immigrant families, fostering a safe and supportive environment.

Counseling & Support Groups

Professional counseling services and community support groups, offering a space for emotional well-being and shared experiences.

Community Events

Engaging events and activities that celebrate diversity, encouraging community participation and integration.

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Social workers strive to help immigrants overcome the many obstacles they face. Consider just a few immigration challenges in America today.

Immigration can be a traumatic experience that takes a toll on the emotional and psychological well-being of immigrants as they uproot their lives. The American Psychological Association notes that immigration policy debates often overlook the personal and communal challenges of immigration, including the following:

  • Premigration stressors due to family separation, social exclusion, limited employment opportunities, civil war or chronic poverty
  • Feelings of loss, sadness, grief and loneliness due to family separation and language difficulties
  • Culture shock and stress stemming from the acculturation process: the dynamic process of adapting to a new culture by behavioral and psychological adjustment.

Discover a safe space for emotional well-being at C&J Migrant Solutions Foundation Inc. Our professional counseling services provide support, guidance, and empowerment on your journey to legal citizenship.

C&J Migrant Solutions help migrants find

C&J Migrant Solutions helps migrants find their way to legal citizenship. We provide expert guidance, affordable services, and unwavering support, ensuring a smoother journey through the immigration process. Your path to a brighter future begins here.