CJ Migrants Foundation

C&J Migrant Solutions Foundation Inc. was founded in 2023 as an outgrowth of C&J Migrant Solutions, LLC, a successful, black woman-owned business helping migrants with the immigration form process. Both the Foundation and C&J Migrant Solutions, LLC are the passion of Candace Boykins a migrant from Jamaica and, a certified immigration form specialist, with the sole purpose of helping those who wish to become legal citizens of the United States of America.

Black Affairs

C&J Migrant’s Black Affairs Committee

Elevating Voices, Empowering Communities: C&J Migrant's Black Affairs Committee Advocating for Equity, Inclusion, and Progress.

Establishing the Black Affairs Committee within C&J Migrant Solutions will offer a vital platform from which to advocate for the rights and well-being of Black immigrants; promote cultural awareness and inclusivity; and develop initiatives that address the range of challenges this community faces. By bridging the gap between Black migrants and Black Americans, we believe the committee will play a crucial role in fostering a more equitable and supportive environment for all.

The purpose of the Black Affairs Committee is to advocate for the rights and well-being of Black immigrants and bridge the gap with Black Americans, promote cultural awareness and inclusivity, and develop initiatives that address the specific challenges faced by our community. The committee will work closely with the leadership team of C&J Migrant Solutions to ensure that the organization’s policies, programs, and services are widely available and responsive to the needs of Black immigrants.

Bridging the Gap

– A multi-pronged collaboration between the BAC and Black Americans will build relationships and trust through community outreach, mutual respect, working together on joint projects, and addressing and finding solutions to common challenges.

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BAC and its allies will develop and implement programs and initiatives that address the varied needs of Black immigrants, such as language assistance, cultural competency training, and mental health support. It will tailor our programs to represent, support and lift up Black immigrants so that they have access to vital support and resources that will help them with their successful integration into society. BAC will advocate for policy changes, legislation and reforms that promote equity and fairness in the immigration system with a particular focus on addressing systemic barriers faced by Black immigrants.

That includes:

  • Organizing cultural exchange events that celebrate the rich diversity within the Black community. And by showcasing the traditions, art, music, and cuisine of both Black immigrants and Black Americans, we can foster cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Promoting access to healthcare, working to overcome lack of health insurance, language barriers, cultural differences, and limited awareness of available services. The committee will collaborate with healthcare providers, organize health fairs, and provide information about available resources.
  • Overcoming economic disadvantages by focusing on developing initiatives that promote economic empowerment, such as job training programs, entrepreneurship support, and financial literacy workshops. And increasing their access to opportunities and resources including greater access to quality education, job opportunities, affordable housing and economic empowerment through initiatives that promote economic empowerment, training programs, entrepreneurship support, and financial literacy workshops.
  • Legal Representation: Black migrants often encounter challenges in accessing legal representation, particularly in immigration-related matters. The committee will conduct research to identify the specific legal challenges faced by Black immigrants and work towards ensuring that they have access to affordable and competent legal services